Welcome to the Office of the President

Message from Pr John Leeman

Greetings.  Christ has given his church a special mission to share his love with the world.  The work of Vanuatu Mission is to support and equip local churches and their members to be effective in sharing this message of hope & salvation.  As Seventh-day Adventists we look forward to the soon return of Jesus.  This is a strong motivation for our work.

About the President

President Leads Voting at SessionPr John Leeman graduated from Pacific Adventist University, PNG in 1992 with a Diploma of Theology and again in 1999 after completing his Bachelor of Theology.  He completed a Master of Leadership & Management degree at Avondale College, Australia in 2011.  Pr Leeman has served in Pastoral, Departmental and Administrative work for 18 years.  He is from North West Malekula and belongs to a family of 14.  His father also served as a Pastor before retiring.  John is married with three children.  He enjoys listening to short wave radio.

The Job of the President

The role of the President is to provide organisational, spiritual and strategic leadership to the employees, churches, and members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Vanuatu.  The President regular participates in administrators meetings at the Trans-Pacific Union in Fiji and the South Pacific Division in Sydney, Australia.  He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Trans-Pacific Union.  The President chairs many meetings, preaches lots of sermons, and travels all over Vanuatu visiting churches and pastors.  As a Pastor to the church at large he provides direction, guidance and support to office staff, ministers and teachers.  He works closely with the General Secretary and CFO to provide leadership and effective management of the church's mission in Vanuatu.