Wala Chief Loses All As Campaign Starts

As the Nation-wide Evangelistic Campaign started on 1
st July 2018, a chief and his family lost all their belongings due to the disagreement of an oppo- sition group to his decision to support the Campaign. Chief Jean Noel of Wala Island in Malekula had allowed Advent- ist Minister Mascel James to conduct meetings on the island that led the group to burn down the home and kitchen of Chief Jean. As nothing was saved, the family lost all their belongings in the fire.

The incident led immediately to an urgent plea for assistance by Vanuatu Mission to help Chief Jean and his family. The Mission pleaded for donations of clothes, kitchen utensils, bedding materials as well as building materials including timber, roof- ing iron and concrete for thereconstruction of the Chief’s fam-ily home. This is our greatest opportunity to demonstrate that we as Seventh Day Adventists do care and we will replaceChief Jean Noel’s house,” Mis-sion President, Pr Nos Terry said.

Chief Jean with his family at the site of their burnt home


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Place: Port Vila, Efate

Start: 05:42 PM, 18/09/2020

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