Welcome to the Office of the General Secretary

Message from the General Secretary

A growing church requires continually developing structures, policies and procedures to ensure it remains protected, effective and accountable.  Much of my time is spent evaluating, desigining and improving systems to help facilitate the mission of the church.  Having a clear sense of direction, accurate information, and well defined policies are essential to maintinaing the growth and unity of God's church in Vanuatu.  It is a privelage for me to serve the church in this filling this role.  A particular concern of mine is the care, development and utilisation of our human resources.  Mission workers are not just employees who have rights and responsibilities, but they are also church members, fellow Christians and in some cases family members or personal friends.  My office strives to support our staff and treat them with the compassion, respect and professionalism they deserve.  I am delighted to have the opportunity to contirbute to the church in Vanuatu.  However I am being blessed, enriched and gaining expereince and knowledge that will benefit me in many ways.  I am truly honoured to work in Vanuatu Mission.  Tankyu Tumas.

Role of the General Secretary

  • Work Closely with and Support the President & CFO
  • Advise the Church in Vanuatu on matters of church policy & governance
  • Care for the legal aspects of Vanuatu Mission Organisation and Activities
  • Responsible for archives, statsitics and reporting
  • Human Resources, Employment etc
  • Committee Secretary to Executive, Adcom, Officers & Departmental Meetings
  • Office Manager
  • Official Communication/Correspondence
  • Work closely with Officers in Strategic Planning
  • Train and assist local church secretaries & clerks.

About Pr Damien Rice

Pr Damien is an Australian who has been working with Vanuatu Mission since early 2009.  He worked as a youth pastor, school chaplain, local church pastor and lead pastor in various parts of northern New South Wales for 12 years before relocating to Vanuatu.  He completed a Masters in Leadership & Management in 2005 at Avondale College.  He is passionate about administration, leadership and strategic planning, and has a keen interest in the care and nurture of pastors, Communications & Public Relations, and church planting, but never imagined he would be responsible for all of these things at one time.  Damien has a very supportive wife Leisha and loving family of two boys who are primary school aged. Damien was born in 1975.  He enjoys cooking, home rennovation, watching movies, spending time with his family, going to Eton beach.