Communication Department

The Communication Department exists to facilitate effective communication by the Church Administration, Departments, Institutions, Employees and Local Churches.  This includes internal communication as well as communication to the general public.  Our goal is to clearly and effectively communicate the core values & beliefs of the Church as well as deliver specific key message points, statements of offical positions and news to various stakeholders and the general public.

The Communications Department helps to provide the following for the Vanuatu Mission workers as well as local churches:

  • Access to Telecommunications services like
    • Telephones &Facsimiles
    • Email & Internet
    • Radio & Satellite TV
  • Print Media services like:
    • The Record
    • Signs of the Times
    • Pacific Waves
    • Adventist Mission News
    • and others

Current Projects include:

  1. Development of Vanuatu Mission, Local Church & School Websites
  2. Developing strategies for effectively communicating Vanuatu Mission News throughout our churches in Vanuatu
  3. Improving internal communication between all mission staff.

Future projects of the Communications Department include:

  1. Re-Broadcast of Hope Channel Satellite Signal over local free to air TV Channel
  2. Re-Broadcast of Hope Radio on local FM Frequency
  3. Establish Adventist Media Centre to develop local content for TV & Radio programming and evangelistic resources for churches.
  4. Reopen Bible Correspondence School in Vanuatu