We provide effective leadership, management and administration to support the delivery of quality resources and services to enhance the ministry of our churches and institutions in proclaiming the everlasting gospel in the context of the three angel's message of Revelation 14.

The Administration of Vanuatu consists of three Officers: The President, General Secretary & Chief Financial Officer with thier support staff.  These include the Administrative Secretary, IT Manager, & Treasury Staff.

The Officers work under the direction of the Executive Committee which consists of:

  1. Pr John Leeman (President)
  2. Pr Damien Rice (GS)
  3. Tom Noka (CFO)
  4. Joses Seth (Education)
  5. Pr Kevin Isaiah (SS & PM)
  6. Min Charlie Jimmy (Youth Ministries)
  7. Dorolyn Laloyer (Women's Ministries)
  8. James Dalong Principal (Epauto High School)
  9. David Rogers (Aore Principle)
  10. David Cram (ADRA Country Director)
  11. Pr Albently Uzakana (Efate District Director)
  12. Johnny Arnhambat (Efate Rep)
  13. Harry Abel (Tanna- TAFEA Rep)
  14. Festa Malverus (Malekula Rep)
  15. Rex Jessy (Ambrym Rep)
  16. Mary Tabi (Ambae- PENAMA Rep)
  17. Mary Kerry (Santo- SANMA Rep)
  18. Roy Adams (Gauo- TORBA Rep)
  19. James Japheth (Tongoa- Shepherds Rep)