Women's Ministries Department

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Our Vision

"To enrich and help women develop a personal relationship with Christ and with other women, thus empowering then to be able to meet their needs whether physically, spiritually, socially or emotionally"

The Purpose of Women's Ministries is:

"To connect women with gifts with women with needs"

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Profile of Women's Ministry Director

Dorolyn Laloyer

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How can you be involved?


  • March: International Day of Prayer (every 1st Sabbath)
  • June: Women's Ministries emphasis day (every 2nd Sabbath)
  • August 22: Abuse recovery (Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day every 4th Sabbath)
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  • December 7-13: Nationwide Congress


  • Literacy program - help people to read and write
  • Prayer and Love Saves - a help for parents with prodigal children to reclaim
  • Small group ministries/Bible studies
  • Church hospitality program
  • Women's health risk management